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RipIT Howto: Encoders

Note that the Free Lossless Audio Codec Flac and the oggenc encoder might already be installed on your machine!
The Faac encoder must be compiled with mp4 support to be able to tag the files.

Here you find basic help and instructions where to download and how to install lame (needed to create mp3 files):

To find out which version of Lame you are using, try

lame --help


lame --v


Either use the link to the rpm file from packman lame-3.98.2 rpm for openSUSE 11.1, or check for your distribution the home directory of packman Packman, and you're done!

It was always very easy to install lame with tarballs: Go to the homepage of LAME or the download area to get them.

Once downloaded, you can expand the tarball with the command (edit the version number if necessary!)

tar xvvfz lame-3.98.tar.gz


As described in the INSTALL file, the installation goes straight in 3 classical steps (be sure to cd to the according directory).



and the last step logged in as root (super-user, with the substitute-user command su) you type:

make install

and you're done!

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