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RipIT Howto: CDDB_get

Here you find basic help and instructions where to download and how to install the perl module

From version 3.0 on RipIT requires at least version 2.22.
From version 3.6 on RipIT requires at least version 2.25.
From version 3.7 on RipIT requires at least version 2.27.

Please be sure to use a CDDB_get perl module 2.25 or higher! You can check it with the perl command mentioned below.


Logged in as root typing su (super-user, with the Substitute-User command) you enter

perl -MCPAN -e 'install CDDB_get'

You should be successful, so exit by pressing q and you're done!


You find everything in the default branch at or directly at the homepage of Armin Obersteiner's CDDB_get perl module.

Once downloaded, you can expand the tarball with the command

tar xvvzf CDDB_get-2.27.tar.gz


As described in the README file, the installation goes straight in 3 steps (be sure to cd to the according directory)!

perl Makefile.PL


and the last step logged in as root (super-user, with the substitute-user command su) you type:

make install

and you're done!

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